Movie Review

Has anyone watched the movie “At Any Price”? It’s the new movie that is out in theaters on a limited basis about an Iowa farmer.

We took a few hours on a rainy Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago to check it out.

While it is nice to see something you can relate to portrayed on the big screen, this movie was over the top. It has way too many story lines all going on at once. It was cluttered and a little weird. This Iowa farm family has some very questionable values. The ending never came together. Probably because there were so many story lines.

Here is a quick lists of some of the scenes and story lines you might be interested in from the movie:

  • Henry “the farmer” buying ground at a funeral
  • Investigation for saving seed
  • Small farmer, big farmer rivalry
  • Affair with the girl that worked at the coop
  • Son with NASCAR ambitions, and little interest in the farm
  • Son’s love story with local misfit girl
  • Father and son’s rocky relationship
  • Rivalry with another local farmer/seed salesman
  • Controlling father/grandfather
  • Corporate control of food
  • Dying of American dream
  • Very, very questionable family values

The farm, equipment, and most of the farm scenes were very realistic. I hear it was shot on a central Illinois farm. The acting was very good with several big names in leading roles.

If anyone else has watched it, let us know what you think.

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