Honoring Our Roots…

Lehenbauer Farms started in 1959, when Martin Christian Lehenbauer, Jr. “M.C. or Junior” and Margery Lehenbauer purchased the farm.

However the legacy and original land purchase by the Lehenbauer family dates back to 1889 when Junior’s grandfather, Fredrick, purchased 140 acres near West Ely, Missouri, just west of Hannibal. The operation continues to be centered on that original land, although many changes have taken place. Lehenbauer Farms still utilizes the original stone foundation barn for calving and hay storage.

In September 1909 the farm was purchased by Fredrick’s son M. C. Lehenbauer, Sr. then sold to his son Herman in February 1947. Eventually it was purchased by their youngest son, Junior and his wife Margery in 1959. Along with their four children Junior and Margery raised corn, soybeans, hay, pigs and Angus cattle. They oversaw the expansion of the farm and implemented conservation practices such as terraces and ponds in the early 1960’s.

Angus cattle were the main enterprise with the sales of purebred Angus bulls and replacement heifers to neighboring farmers. Many of the cows in production today have pedigrees that trace back to the original cowherd. Junior and Margery were active in their community, church and politics until Junior’s death in 1995. Margery remains a partner in the business, but management of the operation is now carried out by her son and grandsons.

Growing Our Operation…

Today Lehenbauer Farms continues to be family run. Ron Lehenbauer and his sons Mark and Andrew manage all day-to-day decisions. Ron’s primary responsibilities are management of the livestock and haying operations and making sure the crop operation runs smoothly in the spring and fall, filling in where needed.

Mark has continued to expand the farm since he returned from college after receiving a degree in general agriculture at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is responsible for implementing precision agriculture in the crop operation in the late 1990’s. He manages the row crop production and marketing and also oversees the marketing and nutrition aspects of the livestock. Ron’s wife Michelle is responsible for the accounting and record keeping, in addition to her career as a registered nurse. Mark’s wife Amy manages the cow-calf herds including reproductive efficiency and herd health, is responsible for all livestock record keeping, and assists with business and accounting duties.Current Employees & Family

Ron and Michelle’s youngest son Andrew and his wife Jessica live on the farm in the house that was built in 1922. Andrew supervises the shop where he oversees all maintenance and repair of equipment, with an emphasis on improving the efficiency and productivity of all machinery. He manages the crop spraying and the harvest crews in the fall. Andrew is a graduate of Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology with almost ten years of experience as a mechanic.

Currently the next generation is growing up and learning on the farm. Tyler and Kara are the children of Lesley (Lehenbauer) Meier and husband Greg of Jackson, Missouri; Kye, Tyne and Emery, children of Mark and Amy Lehenbauer; and Heidi and Lucy, daughters of Andrew and Jessica Lehenbauer all regularly “help” on the farm.

In addition, the farm would not be successful without the dedication of our employees – past and present.

Pioneering the Future…

The next generation

While we cannot predict the changing landscape of agriculture, Lehenbauer Farms is committed to the sustainability of our family farm for future generations. We will continue to grow and increase efficiency, maintain quality and be an innovator in agriculture while preserving family values and contributing to the future of our community.