The Cat Tractor made its debut at Big Truck Night in Palmyra last night. I have to admit until I had kids I did not get the appeal of Big Truck Night. Now with two one-year olds running around the farm, I get it. Kids love trucks, tractors, equipment, anything big and loud (especially little […]

A common conversation in our family is how to give back to production agriculture that has given us so many blessings. We know the statistics and barriers for those interested in production ag…. The average age of the America farmer is 58. Farms are consolidating. The capital requirements for young people to enter production agriculture […]

In case you didn’t see this, you have to watch it right now. It’s the must see Dodge Ram commercial “Farmer” from the Super Bowl that has been the trending topic on social media in the last two days. I’ve now watched it several times, and it still brings tears to my eyes. I love […]

We’ve bragged on our generous community before and we’ll do it again. Saturday was what I would consider to be the cattlemen’s social event of year in our area. No we’re not getting together at a convention or a meeting put on by a drug company wanting our business. We’re talking about cattlemen, women and many […]

Our county fair ends today, but we wanted to take a few minutes to brag a little. Our county is blessed with many generous people, families and businesses that make our county fair a success. Many, many years of dedicated volunteers, donors, businesses and families have continued to improve on a great tradition. Thanks to […]

Almost our entire family grew up in the 4-H and FFA programs in our communities. We contribute much of our success to the skills we learned and people we met through these programs. It’s no surprise that we try to put in time giving back to those organizations that have provided us with so much […]

A group of vet students from the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine visited the farm Monday morning. We gave them a tour of the cattle feeding facility and the new working facility. Plus we had a great discussions about the future of the beef industry, veterinary practices and the producer/vet relationship. Best of […]