Check out our job opportunities page for a current opening for a Short Haul Truck Driver.  Lehenbauer Farms, Inc. is seeking full-time and part-time truck drivers.  Must have excellent driving record, Class A CDL with air brake endorsement, a minimum of one-year prior experience of CDL driving and be able to complete general truck and […]

It’s hard to imagine that we were planting corn at this time last year. Current night time temperatures are falling into the teens. At least mother nature is giving us plenty of time to prepare for spring. We have been surveying some of our wetter fields. We will keep you posted here on what we […]

March is a busy month for us. Calving is in full swing. We’ve had our share of ups and downs calving this year. The weather always makes things interesting. Overall it’s a good calving season with lots of healthy calves or “babies” as the kids call them. Shop work is also in full swing. We […]

Check out a few items that we are consigning to Wheeler Auctions Annual Consignment Sale this Saturday, January 26 in Paris, MO. If you have questions or are interested in any of the items, contact us. You can also see the sale bill here or contact Wheeler Auction at 660-327-5890.  

Who out there has become dependent on their smart phone and the millions of applications available for them? We certainly have. There are a few that make our lives and work more efficient. Here are the top ten apps used on our farm that make daily tasks a little easier. Flashlight– This is likely the […]

I mentioned in the last vertical tillage post that we would be talk about our aerway. For the past ten years we have run an aerway. We use it in a no-till minimum till situation, typically running it over corn stalks in the fall. The general concept behind the aerway is to aerate and loosen […]

Corn harvest is 50 percent complete. It’s going a little too quickly this year. We took a couple days break from corn harvest to visit Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA. The crew was busy at home baling corn stalk bales, hauling hay, and even shelling a few acres of corn. Here are a few […]

The drought of 2012 continues. Like most cattle producers we’re very concerned about feed costs in the coming months and year. After running some numbers we decided to chop a little silage something that hasn’t been done on our farm since about 1990. We were able to hire Martin Custom Farming from Lewis County, Missouri. […]

The first part of June we started the annual task of side dressing corn. This time it was even more exciting because we had the privilege of testing a new product. We know that late season side dressing of corn using the OptRx crop canopy sensors increases our rate of return. You can read more […]

We are usually willing to try something different on our farm. If you read our posts you might have realized this. Tillage tools are no exception. Before we purchase a new tillage tool we tried three new tools this fall and spring. Here is how they sized up. Keep in mind this is our opinion, […]