As we have grown we recognize the need to increase efficiency, not just in our operation, but also in our website. It takes a lot of time to maintain a website. In the name of time and efficiency, we have embraced social media as the best place to keep our friends, neighbors, and followers up-to-date […]

2015 is quickly coming to a close. Today it is 60 degrees with a warm rain here in Northeast Missouri. It feels like April. No. We will not be planting corn, but we will be building fence. We have to take advantage of this warm weather. Wishing you, your family, farms, and everyone who eats […]

Four years ago our family looked like this. Two and three years ago the family grew by three members.   Last fall our family picture looked like this. On March 3 the family photo became outdated again. Tyne Lucille Lehenbauer was born to Mark and Amy and big brother Kye. We are grateful for a […]

By Amy It’s Christmas time — my favorite and most puzzling holiday. My favorite holiday, because the month of December typically gives us a chance to take a breath on the farm. I use the word “typical” very loosely here. I vividly recall the harvest of 2009 when we cut down a Christmas tree and […]

Do you want to learn more about our cattle feeding operation? Check out this article from the Missouri Ruralist November 2013 issue. I’m pretty impressed with the family photo. It was almost 100 degrees that day (not exaggerating). The photo was taken at pretty much the hottest part of the day. If your curious, Heidi […]

Soybean Harvest Corn Harvest Drilling Wheat Running the Aerway, with some sleepy help. Yes, we have an old pillow in the tractor. Fall Calving Fence Building Feeding Cattle Plus the never ending paperwork.

From the Lehenbauer family and Lehenbauer Farms employees we wish you a very Merry Christmas. Here is the 2012 Christmas card. Santa traded in the Deere pedal tractor Heidi is riding for a Kubota this morning. We are thankful for our many blessings this Christmas and everyday. Best wishes, Ronnie & Shelly Lehenbauer Mark, Amy […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Take a moment to remember all the blessings in your life today. “What if we woke up tomorrow with only the things we thanked God for the day before.” A friend shared this with me earlier this year and it has stuck with me. Gratitude is a powerful force. Not just on Thanksgiving, but every […]

Today, because it seems repetitive to post about harvest again, we would like to introduce you to our “farm dogs.” For the record we use the term “farm dogs” very loosely here. No herding, hunting, working dogs here. First, meet Jules. Jules started out as Mark’s dog when he was still a bachelor. She was […]

Remember when we told you about the baby boom on the farm this fall? We added another one to the list this week. Congrats to Adam Grove and his wife on the birth of their baby boy! Heidi, Kye and Tyler, the other little ones around the farm, will have a new playmate when Baby […]