Check out our job opportunities page for a current opening for a Short Haul Truck Driver.  Lehenbauer Farms, Inc. is seeking full-time and part-time truck drivers.  Must have excellent driving record, Class A CDL with air brake endorsement, a minimum of one-year prior experience of CDL driving and be able to complete general truck and […]

As we have grown we recognize the need to increase efficiency, not just in our operation, but also in our website. It takes a lot of time to maintain a website. In the name of time and efficiency, we have embraced social media as the best place to keep our friends, neighbors, and followers up-to-date […]

By Amy It’s Christmas time — my favorite and most puzzling holiday. My favorite holiday, because the month of December typically gives us a chance to take a breath on the farm. I use the word “typical” very loosely here. I vividly recall the harvest of 2009 when we cut down a Christmas tree and […]

The Summer of 2013 is officially the “Summer of Fence Painting.” The dreaded job of painting has been put off for far too long. Why does everyone run when you say it’s time to paint? What’s the occasion? We’ll be hosting visitors at the farm in the next few weeks. Now is as good of […]

Has anyone watched the movie “At Any Price”? It’s the new movie that is out in theaters on a limited basis about an Iowa farmer. We took a few hours on a rainy Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago to check it out. While it is nice to see something you can relate to portrayed on […]

Life is unpredictable. So is the weather. Thursday evening proved both to be true. A severe storm. Within a few seconds we lost trees, fences and two sheds. Instead of doing the planned cattle work, we are spending today cleaning up. Fortunately no people or animals were hurt. We happened to have the dozer and […]

A common conversation in our family is how to give back to production agriculture that has given us so many blessings. We know the statistics and barriers for those interested in production ag…. The average age of the America farmer is 58. Farms are consolidating. The capital requirements for young people to enter production agriculture […]

In case you didn’t see this, you have to watch it right now. It’s the must see Dodge Ram commercial “Farmer” from the Super Bowl that has been the trending topic on social media in the last two days. I’ve now watched it several times, and it still brings tears to my eyes. I love […]

Who out there has become dependent on their smart phone and the millions of applications available for them? We certainly have. There are a few that make our lives and work more efficient. Here are the top ten apps used on our farm that make daily tasks a little easier. Flashlight– This is likely the […]