This is a big week at the farm. On Tuesday and Wednesday, August 20-21 we are honored to be the field demonstration site for the Port Industries Field Day. Port’s new Hydramaxx 2510 Chain Trencher and the Hydramaxx 2710 Wheel Trencher will be featured working in one of our fields in the bottoms north of Palmyra. […]

I am posting from the tractor today. Thanks to mobile Internet, iPad, WordPress app, auto steer, and half mile long rows. The view for the day. Meanwhile on the other side of the farm, Mark is running the planter hard. I obviously need to wash the windows before I take pictures. Somewhere in the distance Andy is […]

It’s hard to imagine that we were planting corn at this time last year. Current night time temperatures are falling into the teens. At least mother nature is giving us plenty of time to prepare for spring. We have been surveying some of our wetter fields. We will keep you posted here on what we […]

This summer we had the opportunity to test Hagie’s new 60 ft. Nitrogen Toolbar. You can read more about that here. Hagie interviewed Mark at this year’s Farm Progress Show about the experience. Check it out.  

The first part of June we started the annual task of side dressing corn. This time it was even more exciting because we had the privilege of testing a new product. We know that late season side dressing of corn using the OptRx crop canopy sensors increases our rate of return. You can read more […]

Manure is a fact of life for any livestock operation. We are no different. We strive to utilize our manure in the most environmentally friendly way. With the rising costs of commercial fertilizer, recycling the manure from our livestock is a valuable alternative. Here we are spreading liquid manure out of our hog barn. Since […]

We finished wheat harvest last week and thought that we would share some of our results from one of our fields of wheat. Below is a map of the yield data that was collected from our Ag Leader yield monitor. This map would look like a bunch of random colors to most people. For us […]

One of the things that you will hear us talk about in coming weeks is side dressing corn.  If you are not familiar with the term side dressing we are referring to applying fertilizer to a growing row crop after the crop has emerged. In our case applying nitrogen to corn. If you follow us […]

We were excited to get an email from a neighbor last night. They received their  Corn and Soybean Digest, and there was an article about crop canopy sensors with none other than our farm featured. We have experimented with this technology for several years, and you’ll find our results and opinions in the article.  We’ll be watching the […]