Check out our job opportunities page for a current opening for a Short Haul Truck Driver.  Lehenbauer Farms, Inc. is seeking full-time and part-time truck drivers.  Must have excellent driving record, Class A CDL with air brake endorsement, a minimum of one-year prior experience of CDL driving and be able to complete general truck and […]

Hello! Yes, we are still alive and farming. In no particular order, here is what we are up to this week. Getting stuck. Fixing a lot of stuff. Side dressing corn. Digging stuff out, because someone got it stuck. Spraying beans. Cutting wheat. Hauling corn. Hauling nitrogen. Selling cattle. Feeding cattle. Checking cattle. Cleaning up after […]

#plant 14, the hash tag for this year’s planting season, is officially underway for us.  

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s enjoy some turkey steak. I know at least one of our family gatherings will forgo the traditional turkey to support the beef industry today. My Dad always said “you have to eat what you raise.” “Are you finished?” is probably the most asked question right now. If you are talking to another […]

Harvest is on a welcome rain delay. We need the moisture and the sleep. We are thankful for a little break in the weather to catch-up from the long day and nights and to focus on the livestock for a few minutes. With harvest and pretty much anything on the farm comes the occasional break […]

Soybean Harvest Corn Harvest Drilling Wheat Running the Aerway, with some sleepy help. Yes, we have an old pillow in the tractor. Fall Calving Fence Building Feeding Cattle Plus the never ending paperwork.

If you follow us on Facebook, then you know what we’ve been up to. It’s silage chopping time. Last year was our first silage chopping experience since the mid-90s. We hire a custom chopper since we do not own our own chopper. We run wagons, pack, and keep everything going. Here are a few photos […]

This is a big week at the farm. On Tuesday and Wednesday, August 20-21 we are honored to be the field demonstration site for the Port Industries Field Day. Port’s new Hydramaxx 2510 Chain Trencher and the Hydramaxx 2710 Wheel Trencher will be featured working in one of our fields in the bottoms north of Palmyra. […]

Last year may go down in the record books as the earliest we’ve planted. This year the latest. We’re making progress. Continued rains have chronically delayed planting. Between rains we have chopped a bunch of cereal rye, baled hay, planted most of the corn and put most of the beans in the ground. We don’t […]

I am posting from the tractor today. Thanks to mobile Internet, iPad, WordPress app, auto steer, and half mile long rows. The view for the day. Meanwhile on the other side of the farm, Mark is running the planter hard. I obviously need to wash the windows before I take pictures. Somewhere in the distance Andy is […]